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Updating your Dining Room


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Updating your Dining Room

When most people update rooms in their homes they stick with the typical; Kitchen, Bathroom, & Bedrooms.  What most people do not realize is you can update your Dining Room rather inexpensively and give it a "Wow" look when people come in your home.  I'll take you step by step on a simple Dining Room Update.

Trim Work

Do you have a large opening into your dining room?  If there is room for interior columns they can really dress up an entrance.  You can order square or round columns.  We typically custom build square columns with shadow boxes on them. 

Add Chair Rail around the room at about 32" high.  Replace the baseboards with larger 7 1/4" base.  In between the Chair Rail and the Baseboards add Shadow Boxes. 


Electrical Work

Tired of that old brass chandelier? Get a new chandelier or if you still like the style of the old chandelier they make an Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint that adheres to the brass and looks great. 

This one is a little more difficult but will pay off in the long run.  Because you are adding the 7 1/4" Base Boards and the Shadow Boxes move your Electrical Outlets sideways in the baseboards.  This will eliminate the chance that they will interfere with your Shadow Boxes.  You will have some small drywall patches but those are not too big of a deal.


Get creative with this room, don't choose the neutral color that is in the rest of your home.  Whatever color you choose use it to paint the walls above the chair rail.  Below the Chair Rail paint everything white.  Instead of painting the ceiling white paint it 2 Shades Lighter than your wall color, this will give your room added dimension. 



These are some simple and inexpensive ways to update your home in a room that does not get much attention other than Thanksgiving and Christmas in our house. 

Keep Building,


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