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Signs of a Foundation Failure


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Signs of a Foundation Failure

Everybody has heard the saying that a "Good Home is Built on a Solid Foundation."  But when purchasing a home most people forget about this saying because they are concerned about the finishes going into their home, the paint colors, cabinet syles, ceramic tile, and hardwood floors.  Because of this many people do not consider, "What if my foundation fails?"  But when it does it can be a very costly repair.  Below is a list of "Signs of a Foundation Failure"


Interior Signs of a Foundation Failure

  1. Cracks in the ceiling and walls
  2. Separation of Crown Molding and Ceiling
  3. Noticeable sloping of the floor
  4. Cracks in ceramic tile
  5. Doors and Windows that do not open and close properly

Exterior Signs of a Foundation Failure

  1. Cracks in brick
  2. Separating corners of soffit
  3. Separation of windows from the brick
  4. Separation in exterior trim
  5. Uneven roof line

If your home does have some signs of a Foundation Failure it is not the end of the world, it can be fixed and depending on the severity it can be rather inexpensive to extremely expensive.  We suggest having a Foundation Specialist look at your foundation if you see several of the Signs of a Foundation Failure in your home. 

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