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Is There Really a Better Deal Out There?


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Is There Really a Better Deal Out There?



As many of you know DAC Homebuilders strives to offer exceptional quality at an affordable price. Our team is focused on designing custom homes that fit our client's lifestyle and incorporate the features that they deserve. With that said, we are discovering that many buyers are having a tough time making the decision to purchase. They are looking at many homes (125 is the current record!) attempting to find the best deal.  While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this strategy, Is there REALLY a better home deal?


Several months ago we had a family who picked a location, designed their home, made selections and then put the "breaks" on the project. As they were working on our project they continued to look at a foreclosure in Hendersonville. On paper it looked like a great deal, so they made a full price offer. After 60 days of waiting they got the word from the bank, WE REJECT YOUR OFFER!  After much frustration, the family visited several resale homes and quickly discovered that the "perfect" home was not available, and then our phone rang!


We started the project, however, the family was stressed about their tight time line and wanting to be able to move in prior to the start of the school year. We are happy to say, that we are right on track to being able to accomplish all of their goals!  


While the foreclosure example is the extreme, many buyers today are doing the same with resale properties and the like. Our clients have discovered the value in building a custom home to suit there specific lifestyle and design choices. From this perspective, there really isn't a better home deal out there!


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Brent Beard is a licensed Real Estate Affiliate Broker in the State of Tennessee with Benchmark Realty and Managing Partner of Community Solutions Group LLC.

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